Simple Solutions 911

Do you ever find yourself faced with the same challenges of “I should’s” everyday?  I should floss more… I should lose weight… I should grocery shop… the list goes on and on.

In this quick post I will 5 simple solutions that I learned along the way to help streamline and solve daily problems on small step at a time.  I hope you will also share your simple solutions too.

1. “I should floss more and use tartar-control mouthwash.”

Sigh, first world woes…and hilarious at that.  I was sipping  wine and sharing my woes with my girlfriend.  She said, “Simple. I put my flossing stick and mouthwash in the shower.  Every morning when I shower, I put the conditioner in my hair and floss while giving my conditioner time to set.  Mouthwash is the final touch to her shower.  Silly but I no longer have cavity problems after I implemented her tip.  I still have the  red wine stains on my teeth, though.  Got a solution for that?


2. “I never know to buy when I get to grocery store.”

After spending way too much money buying duplicates of every spice known to mankind, I finally stopped for 15 minutes and made a “Grocery Staples” list that I put on my iPhone.  I added things I buy every week, like “almond milk, spinach, eggs” and added a monthly dry good list, like “paper towels, dishwashing soap, and shampoo.” Now, every time I go to the store, I look at my list and walk through the grocery store in 15 minutes versus the 40 minutes of mindless wandering.  It also helps to have a “this week” list for special recipes you may want to try that don’t include things you buy every week like, “pine nuts, arugula, and sole.”

3.  “I should work out more.”

So, if it hasn’t happened yet….(and I’ve been there eating chips and watching tv with my jeans zipper undone….while asking myself, “Why don’t I ever work out?”) Hmmm…. Let’s take a quick look at your values.  Not the values you see on hallmark cards.  The kind that make you excited to get up every morning.  For me, it’s laughing and sharing time with friends.  Bingo-I don’t need an expensive gym membership…I need a friend/victim who’s willing to be my workout buddy.  Just the sheer mortification that she/he might be waiting at the gym or across the street at 6am for a run is enough to get my butt out of bed and out the door.  What are your values or the things that get your “happy dance” going?  Find ways to connect these to your goal- “I should workout more.” If you’ve got a competitive streak, consider signing up for a race and telling your friends to place bets on how well you will do.  Post before and after photos.  Make sure to have fun and leave this “I should” with more laughs, fun memories, and less guilt.

4.  “I should eat healthier.”

Um, I haven’t hadn’t figured this one out as I’m drinking wine and eating chocolate for dinner.  Ah hem,  Anyone have any good ideas?  I hate cooking too.  We also eat out too much.  Help.  Right now, I’m trying the 50/50 rule.  Eat healthy breakfast and lunch.  Dinner…well…you know what I ate for dinner.

Share your simple solutions and let’s laugh and learn together!